Wax Myrtle in 2 1/2″ pot – 100 Minimum Order


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Southern Wax Myrtle (Myrica cerifera) liners in 2 1/2″ pots

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  • Shipped in pots, not bare root.
  • 5″ average height above pot. Well-rooted.
  • Guaranteed healthy upon delivery.

Wax myrtles are used as screen plants, informal hedges, or roadside plantings. The foliage and berries are pleasantly aromatic. Birds are attracted to wax myrtles, which they use for food and shelter.  Wax Myrtles tolerate drought, sand, sun and salt spray.
Wax Myrtles grow quickly (3-5′ per year once established) to 15 to 20 feet high and wide. The leaves are glossy green and typically 1½ to 3 inches long and 1/3 to ¾ inches wide, sometimes bigger (4½ inches long and 2 inches wide). Inconspicuous flowers appear in early spring, followed by fruit in late summer through winter. The grayish-white fruits are small (1/8 inch wide), heavily coated with wax and massed in clusters on the stems of the previous season’s growth.
Wax myrtles are not particular about soil, but they prefer good drainage and slightly acidic soils.
Plant shrubs in partial shade to full sun. They do not require a lot of maintenance. Plants may be pruned (limbed up) to form an attractive small tree with a handsome gray, almost white bark.
Wax myrtles are sensitive to cold. Cold symptoms include browning of leaves and sometimes defoliation, but stem tissue is not injured.


FREE SHIPPING to most states!

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