Silver Smoke Cypress, 2.5″ pots – 20 Minimum Order


Conifer with silvery blue color.  Desirable alternative to Blue Ice Cypress.

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Silver Smoke Cypress in 2.5″ containers

Pre-selling for FALL 2024! (Rare with EXTREMELY limited quantity.)

Shipping begins October 21, 2024.

  • Shipped in pots, not bare root.
  • 7″ average height above pot.
  • Guaranteed healthy upon arrival.

“Silver Smoke” Cypress is a rare cultivar of Arizona Cypress. (Like Carolina Sapphire & Blue Ice Cypress, it must be propagated from cuttings and cannot be grown from seed.)

Silver Smoke is becoming more desirable as an alternative to Blue Ice Cypress as it is less susceptible to disease. It is silvery in color, not quite as blue as Blue Ice Cypress but has a similar shimmery look to its foliage.  Silver Smoke can be used as a privacy screen, Christmas Tree, or as a DRAMATIC focal point in the landscape. Like Blue Ice Cypress, Silver Smoke makes a beautiful blue backdrop for contrasting shrubs and flowers.

Hardy in zones 7 – 9.  Prefers hot dry conditions, likes moisture but wants well drained soil, and prefers full sun.

Once established, Silver Smoke Cypress grows 2 1/2′ – 3′ per year and reaches approximately 30′ tall or better and 8′ – 10′ wide. Space Silver Smoke Cypress as close as 5 feet apart for a quick screen.


FREE SHIPPING to most states!

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