Burkii Red Cedar, 2 1/2″ pots – 20 Minimum Order


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Burkii Red Cedar in 2 1/2″ containers

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  • Shipped in pots, not bare root.

  • 8″ average height above pot. Well-rooted. 

  • Guaranteed healthy upon arrival.


We are excited about this tree! “Burkii” is a relatively new cultivar of Red Cedar that is desired for its uniform shape and density. The foliage of Burkii Red Cedar is a steely blue-green turning purplish-brown in winter.

Burkii Red Cedar is hardy in zones 3 – 9, moderate to fast growing, and grows in full sun to partial shade.

Burkii Red Cedar adapts to a variety of soils.

Like native red cedar, Burkii wood is strong and fragrant, great for repelling insects. Burkii Red Cedar is pest & disease resistant, drought tolerant, and has high salt-tolerance making it ideal for seaside locations.

Use Burkii Red Cedar as a screen, Christmas tree, or make it into a street tree by pruning off the lower branches. Burkii Red Cedar will grow to 25 feet tall by 12 – 15 feet wide. Space as close as 6 feet apart for a quick screen.


FREE SHIPPING to most states!

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