Wax Myrtle in 2 1/2" inch pots

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Shady areas present a problem for folks needing an evergreen privacy screen. Along with water & nutrients, sun is what makes plants grow. Shade means less sun and therefore, less vigor. Even if you find something that will tolerate some shade, it will most likely grow slower and less dense.

Also, all shade is not the same. From light shade (where most of the trees on this site will still grow well) to deep dark shade (where very few plants will grow) and all the varied degrees of shade in between, it is hard to predict what plants will grow in a given shady spot. Areas that receive at least a couple hours of sun exposure during the day will experience greater productivity. Planting along the outer edge of the woods, where plants will likely receive half a day’s sun, will increase your chances. Trees might be thin on the woods side but should be full on the sunny side and provide a nice screen. Even there, though, root competition from large trees could stunt the development of newly planted trees.

In other words, finding an evergreen that is right for a given shady spot may require trial and error. That said, the varieties we offer on this page provide the best chances for success. They all will certainly do well in light shade.

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