Deodar Cedar-Electra in Pint Pots

Deodar Cedar ‘Electra’ (Cedrus deodara ‘Bush’s Electra’)


There seem to be hundreds of cultivars of Deodar Cedar, from tall uprights and gangly monsters to small mounding shrubs and spreading ground covers.

Of all the ones we’ve tried as Christmas trees, this rare cultivar called “Electra” or “Bush’s Electra” is easily our favorite.

Its gorgeous ‘electric’ blue color is immediately striking. Electra’s upright branching, often described as “candelabra’, is not only ideal for Christmas tree production but makes for a dramatic specimen tree. It can be used as a majestic privacy screen or hedge, but will not be as dense as the Thujas or Cypresses.

Online, the Deodar ‘Electra’ is often misdescribed as a dwarf or slow growing up to 8 or 10 feet. It IS slower growing than the basic Cedrus Deodara, but once established, the Electra will put on 12 – 18 inches of new growth per year. Mature height would be just an educated guess at this point, but 20 – 30 feet seems likely.

Deodar ‘Electra’ prefers full sun and well drained soils. Hardiness zones 7-9.

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